These aren’t your usual products…

The problem with big box stores is you need a professional novelist to come up with the story behind how you got it and who made it.

At Explores, our goods come with the story.  Our company is built on stories, the story behind what you buy, and the artists who make them.

Featured Artists

We give back differently…

We give back to our community in two ways.

  1.  We minimize the amount of non-native, non-local products we resell.  We don’t ‘haggle’ with artists, we build a relationship.  By buying direct from the artists, we are injecting money straight into communities that need it most.  This is the most effective method of effecting communities locally.  You can read a blog post on why we do this here.
  2. In addition to number 1, we also donate a percentage of every sale to the Museum of New Mexico Foundation.  We prefer MNMF because they donate the money directly into the community where it is needed most – but also encourage entrepreneurship in our state, empowering artists and preserving our state culture.