Some popular questions about our goods…

‘What’s your return policy?’

You buy it, you own it, no returns.

‘Do you ship overseas? To P.O. boxes?’

No, and no – we have a shop, please purchase there, and if you custom build, it will be sent to the shop and you need to purchase there.  It’s just easier that way.

‘Will you custom build furniture?’

Yes, we will on occasion, but please understand that unless you wish to pay a very high shipping fee, you would need to wait until the next shipment to our shop happens.  That can take 30-60 days depending on inventory and shipping.  For some products, depending on size, you would have to pick up in NM.

‘I saw an item you had for sale, now it’s gone – if I send a photo/description of it, can you get me another one?’

Depends.  Some things we will never find again, hell, we were lucky we found them the first time.  But, we can sometimes find something similar.  Send a photo or email a description, let’s discuss it.

‘Can I resell your products online?’

Once you buy it, we can’t tell you what to do – but we do not act as a wholeseller or distributor.  You must buy it at one of our shops, at the price we set at the shop, then resell it.

‘Do you need help selling this stuff – I could sell it for you at my shop.’


‘Can I contact your artists, I’d like to discuss a deal with them since you guys don’t custom build and ship quickly.’

If you can find them, you’re more than welcome to – our advice, be patient and wait for us to build and ship.  Some of these people live in places you don’t want to go on your vacation, and they’ll probably tell you no anyway.