Like the New Mexico sunset, you can’t find us just anywhere.

We are exclusive to two shops in Atlanta.





We kinda have to be seen to be believed and you can see us at Paris On Ponce.  Sprawling over 46,000 square feet showcasing art, antiques, furnishings and oddities– room after room of surprise and delight. Spend an hour or spend a day exploring Paris On Ponce and you won’t be disappointed.





At West Side Story we focus on combining the aesthetics of West Side Story’s shop with the elements of Explores furniture.  If you are looking the fusion of Southwest meets Southeast, West Side Story is where you will find this unique look.


Can I order on the internet?


There are three ways to purchase from Explores.

  1.  You go to Paris on Ponce or West Side Story, find what you like (or something you want made) and pony up.
  2.  You check our ‘COMING SOON’ page and find something coming soon to either shop.  Then, contact the shop and work something out with them.  Finder’s keepers, and all that.
  3. Want something specific?  We are willing to work (for a fee) to create a product for you and then deliver that product to you through one of our two shops.  We are willing to design and deliver…but like a good time at a nice saloon…it won’t be cheap and it won’t be easy.